1. About tempo space
2. Insurance and Liability
3. Listing your space
4. Rental Process for Owners
5. Renting a Space
6. Support, partnerships, and services



1. About tempo space

What is Tempo Space?Tempo is an online marketplace for temporary space rentals.  Our platform connects space seekers with space owners throughout the world in a simple and secure way.Space is a versatile commodity, one often underused.  Tempo encourages people to rethink the usability of space - for renters to access new and interesting spaces, and for owners to easily monetize their extra space. 


What type of people list on Tempo?

 -> Office managers with vacant office space, or extra boardroom

 -> Property managers with storefront retail space between leases

 -> Individuals with storage space or parking spots at residential properties

 -> Gallery owners, or owners of spaces that could be used as galleries

 -> Restaurant owners with private rooms that can be rented, or closed on specific days of the week


What kind of space can I rent out?

Tempo wants you to rethink your space.  Whether its storage, residential, commercial or retail, we think your space is likely underused and could be monetized.  

Some of the space types include:


-> Gallery space

-> Residential

-> Studio/loft

-> Outdoor space

-> Parking lots

-> Vehicles

-> Boats

-> Shipping containers

-> Booths at events

-> Warehouses

Or anything else!


What type of things do people rent space for?

-> Pop-up

-> In-store pop-up space

-> Events

-> Office

-> Workshop/meeting

-> Filming/photoshoot

-> Storage

-> Parking

-> Advertising

-> Party/Private event

-> Theatre/Film screening

-> Rehearsal space

-> Gardening


For more details about Space Types / Rental Types click here


How much does Tempo cost?

Tempo is free to list on or search.  Tempo charges a 10% service fee to space owners and 4% to space seeker.  These fees are derived from the subtotal of the booking: the complete price of the reservation before service fees. 

Example: Sara lists her extra boardroom at her small office for booking on Tempo based on availability.  Leo rents the boardroom for a full day at the listed booking rate of $100.  

Leo pays: $104 (including %4 service fee), $14 of which goes to Tempo as a service fee. Sara earns: $90.


These marginal fees cover website hosting, maintenance, advertising, secure transactions and more.


Who can rent space on Tempo?

Listers are entitled to place limitations and stipulations on the usage of their space for rentals.  Tempo requires all renters to be over 18 years of age. 


2. Insurance and Liability

How does insurance work?


3. Listing your space

This sounds great! How do I list my space?Simply start an account with your email address and password, and list your space!  Our dashboard will walk you through all of the required information in order for the listing to go live.  The more details you have the more attractive your listing will be to a potential renter. 
Click “List your space” Define parameters of space type and size → add description and photos → set your price and availability → list! 


4. Rental Process for Owners

I want to approve people before they can book, is this possible?Tempo offers a messaging centre so that you get all of the details of the booking, and direct contact with the potential renter before anything is confirmed.  You can agree to meet with the person in advance or provide your own terms and conditions.  Our secure prepayment system also assures you that the money has come through before the booking is confirmed.  Still nervous? Check out our range of cancellation policies and find the one that works best for you. 
How do I get paid?Tempo wants to make renting an easy process. Tempo allows you to choose the payment platform you prefer: paypal, stripe or Chase to ensure that your payments go through, are secure, and can be delivered in a timely fashion.  


5. Renting a space


I want to book a space, how does Tempo work?

Simply search by city, date, and what type of space you’re looking for and Tempo will show you what’s available. 

I want to view a space in person before I rent, is this possible?

Yes. Tempo has a messaging service that allows you to connect directly with the lister in order to view the space or get in touch to ask questions if needed. 


6. Support, partnerships, and services

I’m running a pop-up shop/event for the first time! Can Tempo help me?

Of course! Over time Tempo has built partnerships with some trusted partners who can provide you with top quality services to help make your event a success.

What other support can Tempo provide?

Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

Webpage development and ticket sales for your event

Full service event coordination: let us take care of it all! You tell us your vision and we can deliver.  

Our team brings years of expertise in event planning including: conferences, weddings, parties, auctions, fundraisers, tournaments, and more!

And don't forget! When you book with Tempo Space you get access to discounts from our growing partner list including:

Photographers / Videographers



Security firms

Graphic Designers

Full Service Marketing Team 

and more...