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Rental Types: Diverse Uses for Temporary Space


Whether you’re thinking of entering a new city, creating an offline experience for an online business, or simply looking for an easy entry into the marketplace as a DIY-er, pop-up retail is the latest trend to counter traditional brick-and-mortar expansion.  Explore Tempo’s range of space types and imagine your pop-up in the right place for your brand! Create an experience your customers won’t forget.


Shop in Shop

If you aren’t ready to build a retail experience from the ground up, explore partnering by renting area in an existing space.  Whether it’s renting out part of the counter in a jewelry shop, or a few racks in a boutique clothing shop, in-store pop-up space is the easiest way to test the market and get your products out there.



Every city has it’s share of trendy venues, but the best events let you check out corners of the city you never knew existed. If it’s an intimate fundraiser that would work in a luxe penthouse apartment or studio/loft, or a private event looking for a unique space, Tempo can connect you listings that you never had access to before.



With the emergence of mobile workers and small companies with expansive geographic reach, the need for access to temporary office spaces -- both empty or ready to go -- are of growing importance, particularly in major cities.  If it’s for a short-term contract in a new city, a need for a team space, or simply something to fill a short-term need, Tempo can connect you with traditional and non-traditional spaces to be repurposed for that inspirational office you may be looking for.



Workshops and team meetings are meant to inspire ideas and teamwork, but are often hindered by windowless board rooms and meeting spaces.  Tempo wants your team or group to access unique, alternative and inspiring spaces for your next team meeting.  Whether it’s holding an ideation session on a boat, a seminar outdoors, or a day-long retreat in a trendy loft, explore Tempo’s listings and shake up your next professional gathering.



Filmmakers and photographers can be sure to find a location that suits their filming needs, and Tempo search filters help ensure the place comes with everything they need. The current system makes it difficult for filmmakers to know whether certain locations are open to filming or not, while Tempo allows them to access listings that are open for their business, and include everything from outdoor settings to residential spaces to commercial warehouses.



Whether you are empty nesters wanting some easy extra income, or just needing short-term storage for project materials.  Storage solutions through Tempo may be as small as a bike locker, or as large as a warehouse for staging a major marketing plan.



Parking needs vary for people whether it’s a temporary second car, a work vehicle there isn’t room for at home, a weather sensitive motorcycle or convertible, or just the need for a primary parking spot, Tempo wants to connect vehicle owners to possible parking rentals.



Newspaper radio and TV are no longer the heart of advertising.  Today, advertising takes place on the back of a bathroom stall door, on the windows of your vehicle, in the window of your storefront, or the entrance of your event.  Rethink your space not just for people, but for advertisements.  Find new homes for your brand that fit its style.


Party/Private event

If you’re looking for a venue to wow your clients, or throw a wedding shower in trendy spot, Tempo wants to connect you to a new world of ‘venues’ for your next event.  Forget about the same old venues, and consider a boat, loft, outdoor setting, or gallery as your next event space!


Theatre/Film Screening

Tempo wants to be a resource for all types of artists.  With limits, and often big price tags, to accessing venue space, Tempo encourages owners to rethink ways their spaces can be used.  Theatre performances / film screenings can be setup in your yard, parking lot, or more intimate spaces as well.


Rehearsal space

Another challenge for many artists is finding rehearsal space.  Everything from empty office buildings on weekends, to warehouse space, or a vacant gallery one day of the week can be repurposed for rehearsal space and offset the shortage that exists in many major cities for rehearsal space.



Don’t have a green thumb? Do you currently pay a gardener to keep your yard in shape? What if you could make money off that green space  by connecting with someone looking for a small plot?  As urban (and suburban!) gardening trends continue to grow, condo owners and apartment dwellers are limited to what they can grow on tiny patios.  Community gardens have emerged as one way to quell the demand for gardening space, but sharing your own yard can be a great option as well! With a positive partnership, we are sure you can negotiate some fresh produce in the arrangement as well!



Space Types: Rethink Space & Uses


Whether it’s streetlevel, in a plaza, stripmall or shopping centre, your storefront space can host an event, a pop-up, a temporary office space, an art exhibit or even a performance! Tempo ensures you no longer have to limit yourself to traditional retailers.



 Do you have extra desk space, an often vacant board room, or an impressive lobby? Start ups looking for short-term solutions, large companies doing business in new markets, or events can all be hosted in your space.  



 Traditional venues often host a variety of events or performances, but the space is often underutilized on weeknights and during the days.  Hosting exhibits, meetings, group retreats, or a pop-up are all ways to ensure your space doesn’t sit empty in between bookings from your usual clients.


Bar / Restaurant

We can all think of those places that seem packed day or night, but the reality is that many bars are closed on specific nights of the week, and sometimes during the day. Bars are a great space for people to rent out as rehearsal space, a performance venue, for a special life event, or completely repurposed to host a pop-up or film screening.  



Nightclubs are perhaps the most extreme in terms of space usage: from hundreds of people crammed into a place, after last call on Saturday night some of these spaces are empty for multiple days in a row.  Nightclubs come equipped with tables, chairs, sound systems, and of course a dance floor.  Whether you’re throwing a private party, a CD launch party, or need a short-term staging or storage area, night clubs are a great space to rent out for multiple uses.


Gallery space

Use for exhibit launches, cocktail parties, intimate acoustic performance space, or a trendy exclusive pop-up.



For film and photo crews, a fundraiser, storage or even a small performance



Always trendy and never boring, maximize loft space for exhibits, performances, DIY-er pop-ups, or events.


Outdoor space

Tired of the same wedding venue options? or looking for a fun space for a show or concert? find outdoor space to use as a canvas for all your needs.


Parking lots

Large plots of space are hard to find in cities aside from parking lots! We have seen pop-up bars promoting liquor brands or surprise performances from artists!  Also a great space for artist fairs and food festivals.



Why wait for them to come to you? go to them.  we can even guide you through the appropriate permit process if you want a food truck, a brand experience, or...



How often are boats simply docked in the marina? do you really want an experience that stands out? whether it’s an invite only sale for your most loyal customers, a luxe wedding shower, or offering a memorable meal, boats aren’t a mode of transportation but a space for your next gathering.


Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have been converted into homes, pop-up malls and storage facilities.  Rent out your vacant shipping container as a blank slate for any use.


Booths at Events

Large events based on food, craft, or business segments are good for the industry and great opportunities for smaller brands and retailers to access their audience.  Tempo wants to ensure your booths are booked, and the right people know all of the opportunities to get into these spaces. Leave the booking and payments to us so you can organize a great event!


Or anything else!