What We Offer



Here at Tempo Space we know that booking the space is only the beginning for our renters!  We offer a variety of consulting services for those you venturing into new ideas, and have a range of partners that can help make your event or initiative a success.  


Pop Up Retail

Full service pop-up retail support. Tempo can start from the ideation phase to develop the concept and vision for your store, help hire staff, or develop a communications and marketing strategy.  Tempo will work with you to ensure you get maximum impact from your short-term retail adventure.


Event Management

Event planning and coordination support no matter how big or small.  Tempo will work with its partner providers to ensure you have all the furniture, AV, catering, beverage, and extras to make your event a success! This includes private, corporate, gallery openings, concerts or whatever unique event you have in plan.


Program/Project Management

If you’re moving into a city for a temporary work project and need office space up and running, or simply have too many moving parts to track, Tempo can work with you to get you the support you need.



Tempo has a number of partner providers who are trusted service providers that you can work with at a discounted rate if you have booked your space through Tempo. Some of our partners include:




Digital Marketing Agencies

A/V providers

Furniture Rentals




and more...


Tempo Space is a one-stop shop, so if you've got your space or need help looking for one or interested in any other services e-mail us at info@tempo.space